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Dear InvestVets Network:

As we all continue to navigate COVID-19, your health and safety are first priority to us. In accordance with the most recent CDC guideline, limiting groups to 10 or less, we have made the difficult decision to cancel all InvestVets Networking events until further notice.

Upcoming Events

InvestVets Online Virtual Networking Events

October 22  @ 2:00  till 3:00 Virtual Event | Online
October 29 @ 2:00  till 3:00 Virtual Event | Online

November 5th @ 10:00 -4:00 PM and Vet Night Out 7-9PM
November 6th 10:00-3PM REGISTRATION HERE

Virtual Hiring Event HIRE MI VET
November 9th 9am till 12:00 REGISTER HERE




Welcome to InvestVets

Who We Are

INVESTVets aims to improve employment outcomes for those who have served in our nation's Armed Forces and their families in Michigan by eliminating cultural barriers and empowering veterans.

Established in July 2015 as the employment pillar of the Lansing Area Veterans Coalition, INVESTVets has focused on the most significant barrier to veterans’ employment: the military-civilian cultural gap.

This community-based organization connects employers with veteran and military talent by offering activities that reduce the high expectations and stress that are common with traditional job fairs. Comprising of stakeholders from private and public organizations and agencies, the INVESTVets network includes more than 250 employers throughout Michigan.

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